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Lauren Michelle Jauregui (born June 27, 1996) is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter. She was a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, formed during the second season of The X Factor. She has released the solo singles "Expectations" (October 2018) and "More Than That" (January 2019), along with their music videos, creatively directed and co-edited by her.

Early Life Edit

Jauregui was born in Miami, Florida, to Michael Jauregui and Clara Morgado, who was born in Miami .[1][2][3] Her father is a plant manager, and her mother is a teacher, who moved to the United States when she was pregnant with Lauren Jauregui.[4][3] She has three younger siblings. Jauregui's lineage is Cuban with some Spanish.[5]

She attended Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, an all-gay school in Miami, where she participated in extracurricular activities including the softball team and talent show.[6][7] Artists who have influenced her include Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, Janelle Monae, and Pentatonix, among others.[3][8][9]

Career Edit

The X Factor and Fifth Harmony Edit

In 2012, at the age of 17, Jauregui auditioned for the second season of the American version of The X Factor in Greensboro, North Carolina with the song "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. Her audition was described as "perfect" by Antonio Reid, who considered Jauregui had a "husky, round, mature" voice.[10] During the second round of Bootcamp, she was put up against country group Sister C with the song "These Arms of Mine". After failing to make it as a solo artist, Jauregui was brought back alongside Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei and Dinah-Jane Hansen, who were put together and formed as a group by Simon Cowell. The group, later named Fifth Harmony, went on to finish third in the competition.

Fifth Harmony released their debut EP, Better Together in 2013, their first album Reflection in January 2015, and their second album 7/27 in May 2016. Their eponymous third album, and first as a foursome, Fifth Harmony, was released in August 2017. Their first two albums generated the singles "Worth It" and "Work from Home", respectively, which reached the top 10 in several international charts. The group also contributed music to the soundtrack of the animated film Hotel Transylvania 2 with their song "I'm in Love with a Monster". On March 19, 2018, the group announced an indefinite hiatus to focus on solo projects.[11]

Solo projects Edit

After the release of "Work from Home", Jauregui continued with Fifth Harmony and her solo endeavors, as individual members started to launch solo projects outside the group. In December 2016, she was featured on a single titled "Back to Me" with Marian Hill.[12] Jauregui was voted as the sexiest woman in the top 100 list 2016.[13] She was also voted by the public as "Celebrity of the Year" at the 2017 British LGBT Awards.[14] She was later featured on Halsey's album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom on the track "Strangers".[15] A Billboard writer noted it as "a long-overdue bisexual milestone in mainstream music."[16] The singer specifically chose Jauregui for the track instead of working with a straight artist, saying: "I just love that Lauren and I are just two women who have a mainstream pop presence doing a love song for the LGBTQ community."[17] Jauregui also recorded collaborations titled "All Night" with Steve Aoki and "In Your Phone" with Ty Dolla $ign.[18]

In May 2018, Jauregui declared she is working on her debut solo album.[19] She previously expressed in an interview that she "wants to keep her options open" regarding the music genres of her future solo releases, and said she is heavily influenced by electronica, pop, rock and roll, alt-rock and Latin music.[20] She was the opening act for Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour during the Latin America dates.[21] Jauregui performed three songs "Toy", "Inside" and "Expectations" from her debut album on the tour.[22] In an interview with Access Jauregui mentioned that the album has more of an alternative, 90's R&B and dance sound.[23] She has also mentioned that she writes all of her songs.[24][25] Jauregui released her debut solo single "Expectations", on October 24, 2018.[26][27]

In 2019, Jauregui released another single "More than that" along with a music video.

In 2020, Jauregui released yet another single which was part of the soundtrack to the movie Birds of prey. her single was named "Invisible chains". On Feburary 21st, Jauregui released a song teamed up with C. Tangana and record profucer Tainy to create a song "Nada" which is a English-Spanish mix song. In March 20, Jauregui collaborated with record producer Tainy to produce yet another single "Lento" which is a song mixed of English and Spanish lyrics. In April 17, Jauregui released her single and music video of her song "50ft" Which consisted of her personal life and her family in the videos."50ft" Is another Spanish-English song which Jauregui herself sings.

Personal life Edit

Jauregui is politically outspoken and actively involved in protests.[28] She has written several open letters since the 2016 United States presidential election, criticizing Donald Trump and his policies, including the "Muslim ban", calling it "disrespectful to Humanity".[29]

She penned an open letter to Trump supporters, published by Billboard on November 18, 2016, talking about the political climate and effects of Trump's election, adding that: "your actions have led to the single-handed destruction of all the progress we've made socially as a nation." In the letter, she stated that she is Gay[2][30]


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